Two Weeks in the Magnate's Bed - Sami Fujimoto & Nicola Marsh
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Two Weeks in the Magnate's Bed

By Sami Fujimoto & Nicola Marsh

  • Release Date: 2011-07-21
  • Genre: Femmes


I may be just a shy, boring person, but I'll reinvent myself on this cruise! Lana Walker holds this thought firmly in mind as she boards the ship that will take her all around the South Pacific. However, just as she clears the gangplank in her usual plain navy business suit, she trips! "Watch out!" Zac, a sailor clad in a dazzlingly white uniform with eyes a deeper blue than the ocean itself, catches her. Lana's face glows hot from his teasing smile. "What's going on with me?" But just when she's almost taken in by his charm, she overhears him: "Women are all as vicious as piranhas.".