Hot Nights with a Playboy - Takane Yonetani & Nicola Marsh
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Hot Nights with a Playboy

By Takane Yonetani & Nicola Marsh

  • Release Date: 2015-05-27
  • Genre: Femmes


Abby, a stylist for Finess fashion magazine, has the opportunity to visit the Whitsunday Islands on a photoshoot that, if successful, could launch her career into the big leagues of high fashion. She can't wait to get started, until she finds that the photographer for the project is none other than her best friend from high school, Judd, who's been traveling the world as a wildlife photographer. A painful memory from their shared past makes her almost too anxious to work. Why did he have to show up now, just when she's finally started to get over what happened between them…?